»When we founded our company in 2002, it was very important to quickly attract customers. Ms. Hechler of SH CONSULT professionally defined and implemented processes for an effective acquisition. Today, we are the most successful and largest provider in the Frankfurt area.«

Till Schwarzbauer
Geschäftsführer, Leitz & Schwarzbauer

»Gebhardt Sourcing Solutions AG is one of the leading IT strategy consulting companies in Germany offering analyzing, advisory, sourcing and benchmarking services to global customers. SH Consult provided outstanding acquisition services and market evaluation for us.«

Thomas Gebhardt
CEO, Gebhardt Sourcing Solutions AG

»Our consultants have excellent knowledge and offer high personal integrity. It is in competitive situations, that our consultants have to present this competence within minutes to convince our customers. A workshop, individually designed for our requirements, led by SH CONSULT and her partners brought the desired changes.«

Gabriele Höhler
Partner Financial Services, BearingPoint GmbH

»To win major projects in a high competitive environment was our request to Ms. Hechler of SH CONSULT. With her expertise and experience she developed an internal acquisition coaching for us. This process has been implemented successfully and has been rolled out across our managers and senior consultants.«

Jochen Tscheulin
Geschäftsführer, IFOK GmbH

»The management team of a company is responsible for the success and failure of a company. Like the small wheels in a movement, the leadership team should work perfectly in the interests of the company. However, it is about people with different personality traits, preferences and expectations. There is dynamic friction. The findings of the Reiss Profile and the consistent application of tools for the management to the employees supported us to work more efficiently. As General Manager, it serves me as a guide, as I can lead my managers better and deploy them for specific tasks.«

Jörg Limberg
General Manager, HP Software

»The individual management of employees in a consulting-intensive environment is of particular importance. The Reiss Profile provides a solid basis to manage different personalities and attract them long term. Ms. Stefanie Hechler of SH CONSULT created and analyzed the profiles very professionally. The knowledge about the Reiss Profile supports me in my day-to-day business.«

Thomas Gebhardt
CEO, Gebhardt Sourcing Solutions AG

»It's just good to know »who am I«. My personal Reiss Profile will help me in many ways to make better decisions in life and in business. Thank you for the insightful and individual evaluation interview in a pleasant atmosphere.«

Rainer K.
Boardmember of a Bank

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