SH CONSULT stands for Stefanie Hechler. I have been in the IT business for 30 years. I had worked at Hewlett Packard in different management and sales positions when I decided to found my own company SH CONSULT. Since then, I have worked for major IT comapanies like antares informations-systeme, ADP, BearingPoint, Digital River, Dell EMC, Fujitsu, HPE, Netapp, Scale MP,  for Software and Cloud providers and consulting companies.

The customer projects I work for,  focus on the requirement of increasing business and optimizing performance based on individual skills, talents and engagement.

I work as a coach and consultant to support leaders in complex decision making processes. I give advise in change situations  and provide personal guidance. I train sales & marketing to understand and use the "human factor" in competitive situations.

I am using the Reiss Motivation Profile because it gives concrete answers in any complex situations, which can be private or business related or both. In my experience, it is all about "human factor": different personalities, different behaviors, different communication styles. You can train skills, but personality is the differentiator in almost all situations.

If you understand, based on the Reiss Motivation Profile, what motivates different behaviour and communication patterns of individuals and teams, you can design a work environment, that motivates engagement, promotes lifelong development and excel performance.


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